If you need a sign and have never before purchased one, here is a quick primer to help you better navigate the process.

Things You Should Know About Signs

• All signs are unique. A lobby sign serves the same purpose in any office, but they're all different – size, material, weight, mounting technique, etc.

Everything is Custom, and so are the costs. So beware of sign companies that just want to fabricate your sign and cannot perform any of the other important aspects of purchasing a sign (see below).  Before jumping at the lowest cost sign, make sure you consider all of the following:
The cost of sign ownership extends beyond the cost of materials. Many low-cost sign fabricators use only the cheapest materials for construction and do not offer service. These materials may age prematurely, dull, crack, bow or warp. And when something breaks on your sign, you're left trying to find a service company. And what if they can't locate the types of materials originally used? As you might guess, your repair cost will escalate. A scenario like this can cost thousands extra, and could even leave you in a situation where your sign can't be repaired. Make sure you are comfortable knowing about the life of your sign, and that you know your sign comes with the peace of mind that a full-service sign company offers: design, construction, installation and service.

• Municipal restrictions always apply – again, be careful about the lowest bid. A local inspector might make you permanently take down that "lowest bid" sign you were so happy about! Warren Sign Company has a full-time person who is an expert in local ordinances, and we guarantee we'll get it right, so you know your sign investment is protected. Full-service means peace of mind. Quality materials, local sign ordinances, insured and bonded installation, and professional service.

• How to begin the process of getting a bid for a sign. Determine your exact needs. Where will the sign be located? Does it need to be illuminated so it can be seen at night? If you're not sure how big it should be, estimate from how far away you'd like the sign to be readable.
How long should the sign last? 3 years? 5 years? 10 or more? This determines the quality and longevity of the materials used.

Should the sign "say something" about your company without it being written on the front? Materials and textures can say a lot. For example, the sign may only have letters that spell out your company name, but a sign in marble, with bold bevels and dramatic lighting is wrapped in an aura of elegance and power. What's the underlying message you want to send from your sign?

• Assemble a general budget, if you have one. If you have questions about how much certain types of signs typically cost, a sales rep at Warren Sign Company will be happy to give you typical price ranges for the type of sign you require.  (and remember, with no sales pressure and at no obligation)

• Call Warren Sign Company. Our friendly, helpful experts will efficiently ask you all of the right questions; they'll explain your options and even tell you when you might not really need a particular sign option (even if you ask for it!). You'll get the complete story on what you'll need – and we'll take the time to explain your choices in materials, installation, and service. A bid from Warren Sign Company means total peace of mind about your sign, plus – we'll never use high-pressure sales tactics. Call 636.282.1300.


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